Look to your left. Now look to your right.

Our statistics show that three out of three people have their hands up in the air, eyes gleaming, smiling silly.

The only break up you’ve had recently is with your daily routine. That one B.T. is actually the DJ.

And the hangover you’re experiencing is from the reminiscing of loud thumps from the night before.

Nobody thought it was possible …till you and us did it. Were we a little unsteady? Maybe. Was it overwhelming? Absolutely! We built from strength-to-strength

With each positive fb comment, with every true dance music loyalist, top Indian and international DJs, and above all with YOU, telling us this is the festival we all deserve. O’hell,we love this feeling

We’ve imbibed “Life is made of small moments like these” a little too seriously! And we thought it’s ludicrous to wait for Goa in December every year to gather these small moments to last another 360 days.

We did something crazy. We’ve curated a series of these beautiful moments scattered all round the year - a calendar of experiences - so you never have to live a single heartbeat without dance. How’s that for going above and beyond?!

With a song in our hearts and dance at our feet

We are excited to announce Vh1 Supersonic 2104. There’s Campus 101 - A dance music platform that will visit more than 50 colleges across India where the students come together and celebrate arts, dance, and music. And a special treat for those night crawlers out there and Vh1 Supersonic Club Nights - happening pan India.

We know all of you want more

You bass thumping, beat clinging EDM lovers!! We HAD to outdo ourselves by cranking up this party central!

For those who experienced Vh1 Supersonic last year

And for those who couldn’t, we wanted to give you a little taste of what’s to follow in Goa. So here we are with Vh1 Supersonic Arcade – a single day dance music extravaganza where the crowd is bigger & wilder, the production will absolutely knock your socks off and the artists are handpicked unarguably amongst the best in the world. Arcades will host people like you to meet and share the vibe. Wide Eyes Guaranteed!

Vh1 Supersonic Goa will return this year

Even more unpredictable than the last! We have so much to share with you, but all in good time.

Keep visiting the site

Engaging with us whichever way you prefer, but promise us that we will create magic together in 2014 and will #GoSupersonic all year long!


One of the reasons we love dance music at Vh1 Supersonic so much, is its ability to bring together friends and strangers, with the only purpose of having a super time, spreading good vibes and taking away precious memories.

Hosted at the hippest and all too familiar beach of Candolim-Goa

Our endeavour is to create fun for all; a celebration of every reveller there with hours and hours of non-stop back to back DJ sets one could lose themselves in. The festival is designed not only to fuel every party goers’ dancing desire but also a common ground from where you could chase rainbows, make unforgettable memories, tie new bonds that'll last a lifetime and be together as one.

The entire team of the festival invites you

The lovers of EDM, who gave us the grins, the unparalleled support and togetherness of your tapping feet, to make Vh1 SUPERSONIC 2014 a larger than life spectacle, one we cannot wait to relive all over again with all of you.

Stop huntingfor your own reasons to be at that special gig

We plan in your city or the fun night we curate at your very own college, or just feel the magic of the beach of Candolim take you over.

Just come over and we promise you you will find a reason to never leave.

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